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Complete guide to HTML

A sample from the main course “HTML for beginners

Beginning creating your website using HTML, this short course will show you the basics. We cover text, images, videos and tables. This is designed for you to get an experience of my style of tutorial, allowing you to decide whether the main course is for you! I hope you enjoy!

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to code web page

  • This course is the perfect introductory point to dive in and learn about HTML.

    Learn HTML in under 1 hour!!!

    Welcome to our easy introduction to writing HTML code.

    We cover all the basics and how HTML works. What you need to know in order to structure and write your own HTML code.

    HTML code is the foundation of web pages, and knowing the basics of HTML code is important in today’s world. It can really help with the overall understanding of how content works online and how webpages are built.


    • how to create HTML pages

    • HTML page structure

    • what the browser sees

    • basics of HTML

    • Hyperlinks

    • Paragraphs, headings, titles

    • Lists and adding images

    • Tables

    • how to apply styles

    • Element Attributes

    • Creating forms in HTML

    • DIV and SPANS for styling

    HTML is simple and straight forward, if you have been thinking about learning what HTML can do this is the course for you.

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