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C# LINQ Basics: Learn LINQ essentials in C# .NET

Basics of the embedded LINQ language

In this video course, I will tell you about the basics of embedded LINQ language. It make easier for you to work with the C# language. Instead of having to deal with an entirely new set of tools in the form of classes, you can use all the same familiar collections and arrays with existing classes. This means that you can take full advantage of LINQ queries with minimal or no modifications to existing code. LINQ is Language-Integrated Query. The data source can be an object (implements the IEnuberable interface, which are standard collections, arrays), an XML document, and a DBSet data set.However, regardless of the data source, LINQ implements the same approach for fetching from that data. In addition, there are many varieties of LINQ:

LINQ to Objects: Used to work with arrays and collections

LINQ to Entities: Used when accessing databases through Entity Framework technology

LINQ to SQL: Data Access Technology in MS SQL Server

LINQ to XML: Used when working with XML files

LINQ to DataSet: Used when working with a DataSet object

Parallel LINQ (PLINQ): Used to execute parallel queries

In this videos, I want to talk first of all about the first LINQ language varieties.

This course contains videos:

  • Introduction

  • How LINQ works

  • Sorting in LINQ

  • Filtering in LINQ

  • Union, Intersection and Difference of Collections in LINQ

  • Skip and Take Methods in LINQ

  • Grouping in LINQ

  • Join method in LINQ

  • Conclusion

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