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Build FreeCodeCamp Responsive HTML Form with Flexbox CSS

Learn how to build a fully responsive form using CSS Flexbox and HTML

Welcome to the course. In this one video course, you will learn how to build a fully responsive HTML+CSS form using CSS Flexbox. The video was made for my YouTube Channel: IBCoder last year or so and I thought why not upload the same here in order to increase the reach and allow more people to learn how to make something like this HTML+CSS.

The course will be only 1 video long and will cover how to structure the form page layout using HTML and then will move to using modern CSS Flexbox to style the form.

We learn about some important concepts like margin collapse, box border sizing property, flexbox, what does universal selector doesn’t select and what it does not.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to you for taking this course and giving me a chance to be your tutor. This is one video course and it’s main purpose is to see how it is received here on Udemy by the people (aka the students) who are actually interested in learning Web Development. The aim therefore is 3 fold this time:

1. To teach the students (you!) how to build a HTML+CSS form.

2. To gauze whether there is a market for something I find too simple to teach.

3. To gauze how it is received by the students and get some brutal honest reviews to improve my teaching moving forward.

So, once again, thanks for taking this course.

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