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Beginner’s guide to coding in unity

Creating a Cinematic Camera FADE Script

Camera fades can be found in anything from games, to movies, & having camera transitions is a great way to introduce the player or viewer to a new scene or view without simply hard cutting from camera to camera. It can also ease the player or viewer into the next upcoming event.

In this series of videos, we’ll create an easy to follow, & simple to use cinematic camera fade effect, for your unity in-game cameras. This effect can be used to transition between scenes, introduce titles & menus, or as a simple way to give your game or project a more professional look & feel.

We know coding for games can be an extremely intimidating thing if it’s new to you. However, learning to script in unity’s C# can be both fun and rewarding. It’s extremely robust & can allow you to develop almost anything you imagine.

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