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Automating SAP Operation with UiPath StudioX

SAP Operations could be Automated by use of Robotic Process Automation – a free tool UiPath StudioX Community edition.

There are various ways to automate desktop operations, by using varied methods of Robotic Process Automations. This course is to use one of the popular RPA tool UiPath Studio. The course provides a step by step to learn to make robots for automatic the operations of SAP, and extend the creativity to another horizon. The example taken from the real world scenario, where a large volume of accounting general journal documents were posted without human intervention.

What about those who are non technical person? The common users.  Well there are various tools available to automate the Data Entry in SAP,  automating the process which involves SAP and Other Applications like MS Excel, Emails, WhatsApp messages, OneDrive, Google Drive and so on.

So, one can email a statement of accounts to a registered email of a customer automatically upon receiving a request from the registered customer, by getting data from SAP Systems and then emailing the statement of accounts to the customer through Email Client or Gmail.

I will introduce in front of you, a popular Robotic Process Automation or RPA, the UiPath. There are two profile available, one is UiPath Studio and another is UiPath StudioX. The UiPath Studio is a community edition, thus it is available with zero price.

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