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Appium Tutorials – Mobile Test Automation (Android Only)

Beginner to Intermediate course on Mobile Test Automation for Android using Appium(JAVA)

Learn Mobile Automation and be part of the growing market of mobile testing industry.

In the recent past mobile industry has grown tremendously and the need for application testing on mobile has also grown. Appium provides an environment to test the application on Mobile and is one of the most popular tool to test mobile application.

Appium supports with both Android and IOS, however in this course we will only work with Android Application. The advantage of Appium is that the code written is cross platform with minimal changes. Android is the most widely used platform in mobile industry and learning android automation gives an edge if you want to switch to mobile automation.

The topics covered in this course are

  • Introduction

  • Different types of Mobile Application and difference between them

  • Appium Architecture

  • Installation and Setting up Appium Environment

  • Simple Program and getting application information using APKInfo

  • Mobile Element location strategy(i,e how to identify and interact with mobile elements)

  • Complete test case with assertion using Emulator

  • Complete test case with assertion using Real Device (including how to connect to real device using Vysor)

  • Real time scenario of including application apk file within the project

  • Identify and Interacting programmatically with the Basic Controls on mobile device

  • Working with Gestures/Touch Actions

  • Useful driver methods

  • Simple Web App Example 

Due to time constraint for free videos on Udemy, some videos are unpublished, pls go to you tube channel “Raj Tech-Trainer” and subscribe, like and share the content on the channel for upcoming videos.

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