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API and Database Testing with Specflow and C#

Understanding and building API and database testing from groundup

Understanding API and database testing with Specflow and C# course is designed in such a way that one can learn

· What are API and database testing

  • Understanding what are API

  • How to test API

  • How to test Databases

· Different tools available to perform API and database testing

o Will go through different tools available for API testing

· Why did we choose Visual studio as the tool for API and database testing

o Understand Visual studio for API testing

o How Visual studio helps in developing better codes

· Consuming a WCF API Web service using a Windows Console application from Visual Studio 2015

· Writing simple code to test the Web service with and without using Specflow C#

o Understand the power of Visual studio and Specflow to write code in Specflow C#

o Power of Specflow of automation testing and writing code with Specflow

· Connecting with Microsoft SQL database server to test data using simple queries

o Understand how to connect with SQL Server database via Visual studio code in C# language.

· Database testing using Stored procedures and C#

· Database testing using Mock stored procedure to test database data with API without user-defined data

· Finally, this course, is simple yet focused on the topic and yet easy to complete in a couple of hours

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