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Apex Programming : Level-2

Knowing Basics of Apex

This is a beginner level course for Programming in Apex. This course is Level 2 of the complete Apex Programming Course.

This course provides a proper explanation of each concept theoretically along with a detailed practical explanation of each topic.

The resource provided with each video provides the slides used in the video for revision along with the screenshots of the practical explanation of the topics for proper review.

This course is for anyone who

  • wants to start their career as a Salesforce Developer.

  • are Salesforce Admin and Enhance their skills in Salesforce Development.

  • to get started with Programming in Apex.

This course requires “No Programming Experience” at all, as you’ll learn everything that you need to know.

Before proceeding with this code one should complete the Apex Programming: Level-1 Course.

Topics Covered in this course are –

  • Data Types in Apex

  • Showing Output in Apex

  • Primitive Data Types in Apex

  • Variables in Apex

  • Constants in Apex

  • Comments in Apex

  • Expressions and Types in Apex

  • Assignment Statements in Apex

  • Enum Type in Apex

  • Types of Conversions in Apex

  • Rules of Conversions in Apex

  • Practice Exercise

After completing this course you would be able to –

  • Understand Basics of Apex Language

  • Identify and use different Primitive Data Types

  • Understand the concepts of Variables in Apex

  • Understand the concepts of Constants in Apex

  • Identify and use different types of Expressions in Apex

  • Understand Comments and Assignment Statements

  • Understand the concepts of Enum

  • Understand the Rules of Conversion in Apex

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