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5 Worst Mistakes When Making a Website

Learn to accomplish projects with high quality and on time

In just 5 videos you’re going to know the 5 biggest mistakes that happen when making web projects.

Learn symptoms that are common for each mistake and practical solutions to those problems.

Web development process is divided into many different steps. Writing code is only part of them.

Knowing what you’re going to code, how to code it, how to make it easy to maintain, how to make it secure, and how to meet a deadline is equally important as programming skills.

Jumping straight into the coding is tempting but leads to messy results.

Have you tried to bake a cake without a recipe?

Get to know pitfalls and learn how to avoid them – that’s the goal of this course.

What exactly are you going to learn?

Three key takeaways from this course

  • Detecting symptoms

    You will see symptoms of problems that appear while creating websites

  • Solving problems

    You will learn to solve previously identified problems through practical examples

  • Managing projects

    You will develop skills in project management and implementation of web projects

All the software you need to follow the course is free and works on all popular desktop operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

Enroll in this course and grasp a high perspective of implementing every web project.

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