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2022 Excel Tips and Tricks

You do not want to ignore this, Learn Excel, Most Used Tips and Tricks, Short on point course.

Having excel skills is essential to your carrier:

  • Excel could give you exactly what you need to separate yourself from the rest of your colleagues by working smarter or more efficient.

  • And my role here is to give you some tips that will differentiate you and grow your chances to be a value piece into any company.

  • The best part with this course is that you can find the best Excel Tips and Tricks that will not even save you time but, could also give you confident in working with excel.

  • I know that excel it could be a long learning journey but, what I present here it will be so on point that you will not believe you can learn that much in such a short time.

  • Even if you are advanced Excel user I am pretty sure that there are high chances to find something that you did not know before.

  • The information is so much aggregated but, in the same time not linked to a specific context and therefore it will let your mind to decide where you can use the information you gained here.

  • I would say that the best characteristic of this course is that is built into a series of lessons no longer than 3 minutes each, which is exactly what you need in this fast forward life that we are living.

And even if you are not working with excel is nice to know that there is a tool that can do such nice things.


Be very careful on what I am saying below!

I am counting on the fact that you are a very smart person that easily understand the importance of a good feedback.

How important was when in your family, or your friends, or in school a good teacher was helping you out, instead of giving you bad grades or just arguing, without telling you the correct way to do it. So, I am asking the same from you:

If there is anything that you do not like, DO NOT leave a bad stars review! instead, give me a review with what do you think I can improve, where you mention exact details and I will make sure I will do my best to provide a better service. That is the only way I could know what I am doing wrong and what I need to improve.

Take into consideration that I am doing this effort for people that maybe needs a little help. And you have the power to help them by giving me a positive feedback from what I can learn and, I can provide way better information.

So, do not hurt me since I am trying to do something for others and also I am doing something with my life.

And if you learned anything new or if you want to support my work just because, please leave a review with 5 stars.

I am sure you picked the course based on reviews so… bad or good feedback please rate the course with 5 stars.

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